What Everybody Ought to Know About Summertime Hair Care


Summertime is all about sun, swimming and sandals. But the warm weather and humidity can create chaos when it comes to your hair.  Chlorine from pools and heat from the sun can damage your hair, dry it out and create a mess of tangles. It’s important to adopt a summertime hair care routine to maintain beautiful, healthy and manageable summer hair. See our Top 5 Practical Tips to keep your hair in great shape this summer! 


  1. Wear a hat or scarf whenever possible. Wearing a hat helps protect your hair from harmful and dehydrating UV Rays from the sun.  A hat can also help your scalp retain moisture and will also protect colour treated hair.  The dehydrating effect of the sun and wind can also cause hair to tangle.  Check out our favourite hat Sounds of the Summer Straw Hat by Roxy www.amazon.com and hair detangler Tanglegripper www.tanglegripper.com.  


  1. Hair loses moisture in the heat and it is important to use a moisture rich hair conditioner often.  We like Hydrate Conditioner by Purology www.purology.com and The Cure Repair Conditioner by Amika www.loveamika.com.  Also try a deep conditioning mask or hair treatment once a week to lock in moisture.  It can help protect your hair from chlorine, salt water and the sun's rays. We recommend Hydrate Superfood Treatment by Purology www.purology.com


  1. Use shampoo less often than normal.  Frequent shampooing strips the hair of its natural oils and can lead to damaged and frizzy hair. You can use a little of our favourite Moroccan Oil Treatment www.moroccanoil.com on your ends between shampoos to keep them hydrated. You can even use a little avocado or coconut oil for a natural and chemical free solution. 


  1. Reduce the use of your blow dryer and flat iron.  The humidity and sun damage in the summer already reduces moisture and the heat from hair tools will only strip your hair of even more.  Choose a simple hairstyle for the summer. Air dry your hair and go natural with loose beachy ponytails and braids!


  1. Get frequent trims.  When your hair dries out, it makes it appear dry and frizzy. A quick trim of your ends will keep your hair looking healthy all summer long!


Now you can enjoy the season and keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful and healthy all summer long!


June. 2020


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