Pain free hair detangler gripper tool

Tangle Gripper


The Tanglegripper is made with the highest quality medical grade ABS plastic.


Why is Tanglegripper, the ultimate gripping tool for all your hair detangling needs?


  • Get a tight grip on the worst tangles
  • No more pain, tears, and frustration
  • Works on any hair (wet or dry), even delicate hair extensions
  • Less effort to comb

14.25cm x 9.5cm x 12.5cm

Love our Tanglegripper or we will buy it back from you, no questions asked.

Due to covid-19 deliveries may take 10-14 business days.

DSDesigns Inc. is the creator of unique and innovative hair tools that provide quality products and solutions for all your hair care needs. We are proudly manufactured in Barrie, Ontario Canada.


Just washed my daughters hair and used the Tanglegripper as per the video,. Did not take five minutes to comb her hair with zero pain.


My daughter said: "That's it". She and I coud not believe how fast and easy it was. She says her hair feels so good with no knots in it. She also kissed the Tanglegripper and said "I love you."




Thank you for a great product.


Wendy and Kassie

Tanglegripper is a fantastic product and the owners are authentic, kind and wear their heart on their sleeves. The Tanglegripper has helped me as a father master the art of combing my daughters hair without any "Owe's" or "I want Mommy to do it". Thx Tanglegripper. 

Sammy Spataro

I have been searching for a something like this for YEARS!!! This is the best solution to quickly untangle hair without breakage or pain. Thank you so much for producing such a great product!



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