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Guaranteed No Pain!

No more Pain!
No more Frustration! 
Save time & Money!

Tanglegripper is the ONLY hair detangler that guarantees no more pain and pulling when brushing out tangles! Unlike detangling brushes and detangling sprays that are messy, expensive and ineffective, Tanglegripper allows you to grip and hold hair above the tangles so that you can comb them out of unruly and tangled hair without pulling and causing pain!

"OMG! I used this on my daughter the other night and it was incredibly easy to comb through her hair"- Traci Melchor ETalk and CTV's The Social 

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Available online or at these fine retail stores

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  Tanglegripper works on all hair types, wet or dry. Whether you have long and curly hair, short and thick or full and natural, Tanglegripper will help you effortlessly brush out even the toughest tangles with ease. Tanglegripper protects the hair from breakage, leaving you with healthy, beautiful hair. Tanglegripper is made from durable, long lasting and chemical free material that is never tested on animals.

 Watch how easily Tanglegripper helps you seamlessly brush out those tough tangles, leaving you with manageable, tangle-free hair.


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