Detangling Spray and Leave in Conditioner vs. Tanglegripper           


When you think of hair detangling, it might bring back memories of your mom forcing you to sit in a chair while she aggressively took a brush to your hair, yanking and pulling for what seemed like hours while you were forced to grin and bare it but it really felt like she was ripping every single strand from your head! You did everything you could to fight back the tears and you prayed for the torture to be over. And if you were lucky, she might have taken the time to give you a quick bowl cut afterwards! Well, times have changed and there have been many advancements in hair care over the years.  


If you’ve ever had long hair, damaged hair, curly hair, or have natural hair, chances are you’ve suffered through the painful process of detangling tangles.  There are many detangling brushes available on the market today but not only does brushing through unruly tangles hurt, combing out tangled hair without using a detangling spray or leave-in conditioner first can also result in damaged and brittle hair. There are many different detangling sprays and conditioners available today.  Depending on your hair type and texture, some may work better than others.  While a detangling spray can be sprayed directly onto the hair before brushing, a leave in detangling conditioner must be rinsed out. Both may work by coating hair with an oil or polymer based material that adds moisture and ease tangles.  While many people swear by their favourite spray or conditioner, there are a few reasons why they aren’t the best choice more often than not, particularly when dealing with children’s tangles.  They can be quite messy and may leave the hair heavy and oily.  Even detangling sprays and conditioners that claim to be “natural” contain chemicals such as Behentrimonium Chloride, Siloxanes, Propylene Glycol, Ethylene Oxide, Dioxane, Petroleum or Petroleum-based ingredients and fragrance.  These tend to weigh down the hair and leave them feeling greasy. In addition, you will still have to brush out the tangles with a brush and that may cause breakage, pulling and pain, which for little ones, is a huge problem as all parents know. While some may find success with detangling sprays or conditioners, they are mostly ineffective for really tough tangles.  And they can also be quite expensive! Because conditioners need to be applied to the hair, left in and washed out before brushing, the process takes time which can be a major inconvenience. 

A new entry into the Hair Detangling market is Tanglegripper.  Unlike other detangling solutions on the market, Tanglegripper is a detangling tool that allows you to grip and hold hair above the tangles so that you can comb them out of unruly and knotted hair without pulling and causing pain. This is major for any parent! It also prevents breakage since you don’t have to brush as aggressively as you do when you use a brush alone. 

Unlike sprays and conditioners which are consumed and must be repurchased time and again, Tanglegripper only needs to be purchased once and is much more cost effective. Another benefit of Tanglegripper is that it is quick and easy to use.  There is no prep required like a conditioner or spray, just grip, hold and brush.  It is perfect for school mornings, after bath time, when you are on the go and don’t have the time for messy sprays and conditioners.  Tanglegripper is also made from durable, long lasting and chemical free material that is never tested on animals and is BPA free.


There are many more options for dealing with tangles than there used to be. The old Grin and Bare It approach is no longer necessary. If you've found success with a detangling spray or leave in conditioner, great.  If you are ready for something new, quick and effective, give Tanglegripper a try and make painful tangles and breakage a thing of the past!

May 18.2020


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