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No More Pain!
No More Frustration!
No More Tears!

Tanglegripper is a unique hair detangling tool that stops the tears caused by painful pulling when brushing out tangles from sensitive scalps.

Tanglegripper works on all hair types, wet or dry. Whether you have long and curly hair, short and thick or full and natural, Tanglegripper will help you effortlessly brush out even the toughest tangles with ease. It protects the hair from breakage, leaving you with healthy, beautiful hair. Tanglegripper is made from durable, long lasting and chemical free material that is never tested on animals.
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Gina Maria

Tanglegripper is a life saver! It alleviates the pain and struggle when combing out your little ones hair. No matter what the texture or length, it creates a pain free experience.

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Alana Malin

This is the very best hair product I've bought in my life. After purchasing tons of detanglers and all kinds of brushes for my daughter's hair, this is the 1st product which worked! No pain, simple, no "stop mom it hurts! Ouch!". This product is beyond simple to use, and I highly recommend it!! 5* for sure! Side note, I have long hair extensions and tried it out, no pulling on my hair, so I began using it as well on a daily basis. 

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This is the most effective product for combing out tangles without the pain they can bring! It took a little while to incorporate it into my routine but now that I have I don't want to brush without it. Thanks Tanglegripper!!


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